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Green Sky Home Remodeling  provides windows and doors for both residential and commercial customers. Windows and doors are a great way to decorate homes or offices, as well as provide security. We provide windows and doors in many different materials such as iron, wood, or plastic. Iron doors are mostly preferred to decorate the entry area of homes and offices, it also provides high security due to the strength of the material.

Questions to Ask When Selecting Windows and Doors

What Materials Should I Choose for My Windows?

Just like when choosing materials for your doors, you must first determine the purpose of the window. Some options to consider:

• Vinyl is a less expensive material, but that doesn’t mean it has to be “cheap.” A well-constructed, properly installed vinyl window offers excellent energy efficiency and can be a practical budget choice.

• Wood windows are the best for insulation, but require more upkeep than other materials like vinyl.

What Window Design Do I Want?

Double-hung windows: These are traditional units in many homes across the country. With double-hung windows, the bottom slides up to open the unit.

Casement windows: This type of installation is popular in climates with high winds. This type of window opens with a crank that swings the window outward to open, and actually seal themselves off tighter when wind blows toward the house. To ensure these windows maintain their stability and efficiency they require regular maintenance on the hinges and seals.

Picture windows: This type of window does not usually open. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be efficient, but that depends on the choice of glass used for the installation.

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Questions to Ask When Selecting Windows and Doors

Different Types Of Doors

What Materials Should I Choose for My Doors?

Solid core wood doors are typically used as front or back doors due to their strength and insulation properties.

Hollow core wood doors are typically used as internal doors and are more for privacy and used because they are less expensive.

 Steel and Iron doors are the strongest types you can get, and are used for street level doors for extra security.

Why Should I Upgrade My Doors and Windows?

Replacing your doors and windows is not only great from a design perspective, but you could also benefit from a potential discount on your home insurance premiums by upgrading with security in mind:

•Upgrade any external hollow core doors to solid core.

•Make sure the frames for your doors are solid and secure.

•Add a properly rated screen door.

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