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I was in need of a big change in my master bathroom, so I looked on Google online and found that Green Sky Remodeling had pretty good reviews, so I called them along with two other companies to get a quote to change my regular bathroom into a full handicapped bathroom with a roll-in shower. The three quotes were very similar but I really liked the attitude of Green Sky Remodeling when they sent out this guy named Gideon to give me a quote. He was very down-to-earth and had some pretty good ideas about how he was going to change my master bathroom so that it would suit me. Once we hired Green Sky Remodeling, they started with their demolition crew just one day later. What is it when you get it and was giving us his quote, I had asked him how long it would take. He gave me a timeframe of three weeks, and fantastically,  he was done in 2 weeks!

This remodeling job was quite unique and that it was in a mobile home and they would have to raise the floor a little and then drop the floor a little going into the shower. The subfloor was damaged so they had to replace the whole subfloor in the bathroom. In other words, it was a lot of work!

I am very pleased with the work they did, and would recommend them highly to anyone needing remodeling work. They do very good work.

Thank you to Green Sky  Remodeling for a job well done!

Roy and Debbie S.Harbor City, CA -Yelp

Green Sky did an impressive job in completely remodeling our home. I don’t usually contractors but David promised me that I would be pleased once the work was done… and I have to admit, I am more than pleased with their work.


They worked efficiently, showed up on time every day and cleaned up every time they were done. They did what they have promised to do. Green Sky also built an addition for our home. I was worried that it would push the project beyond schedule but my home was completed on time.

Thanks David and Green Sky! This satisfying outcome wouldn’t have happened without your expertise.

Rebecca S.Los Angeles, CA -Yelp

I have to say I am very impressed with this company. They did my windows, Ac and roof. When the roof was completed we had a leak 2 leaks due to an Ac unit that is. Mounted on the roof. They fixed it right away. This company really is about the customer. They really care about making the customer happy. We had some dry wall damage to due to the leak. They did not hesitate to take responsibility and take care of it. I’m sure you have heard of horror stories with contractors leaving unfinished jobs or if they damaged something they wouldn’t want to fix it or try and talk their way out of not fixing it. This is a company that takes pride in the work and the reputation they believe in making the customer happy cause they know in return the good word will spread about the good work they do. If I had to do it all over again I would choose this company. They have some many different resources and they do it all. I recommend them to everyone for your home remodeling needs. I asked them to put me down as a referral. You pay for what you get they were priced a little more then the other  contractors that came through. In my experience working with contractors sometimes picking the low bidder you will get what you pay for.

Emanuel B.Fillmore, CA -Yelp

I’m perfectly happy with the job Green Sky did for me. I got to them via a friend’s reference and contracted them for a small interior painting job for my apartment. The sales person wasn’t pushy at all and has brought the palettes I asked for (I’m not sure how extensive your experience with home remodeling contractors is, but in most cases they’ll forget this). Price was OK, wasn’t the cheapest estimate I got, but since I wanted a nicely done job, I went ahead and signed. I was given a courtesy reminder few days later I can cancel the project if I changed my mind which I really appreciate. The actual painting went smooth. They got the (original) colors I wanted, not a generic knock-off so they came out nice and vivid.

One of the crew members messed up the front door with paint, but was prompt to clean it up and left no marks whatsoever. They used protective covers and did not damage the hardwood floors.

Overall, it was a stress-free project and I didn’t have to lift a finger or spend the next X days cleaning up after them. Perfectly happy with everything.

Susan S.North Hollywood, CA -Yelp

Green sky remodeling  did a complete kitchen and paint job for my Sister house excellent job would use them again excellent work and clean up from start to finished

Eric W.Tarzana, CA -Yelp

I first of all thank my friend who introduced me to Green Sky. It allowed me to give a big contract to them that turned into a wonderful execution. All of the employees in Green Sky Home Remodeling Inc are sincere, honest and up to date. Green Sky is highly rewarding.

Miriam G.Los Angeles, CA

My home used to be a completely unorganized place before. Green Sky has done a stupendous work; it enabled and taught me how to keep things organized at home. By providing such layout, design and finishing to the construction work, I now feel more peace and energized in entering my house.

Sean S.North Hollywood, CA

I had green sky do my bathroom remodel and it turned out better than expected. I called a few companies to shop for quotes and although they were not the cheapest I felt the most comfortable with David and his team. Their work really stands out from all the other companies I had come to my home. I had the vanity changed, the shower changed, and added a bathtub. They suggested I put a modern style tube that was slanted and this is by far my favorite. I find reasons now to use my bathtub. I’m planning on doing a backyard remodel as well and when that time comes I know who I’m calling. They are an honest company that really care about their customers and that to me is most important. Even when there were a few hiccups they came to fix the issues without question.

Lea F.Encino, CA -Yelp
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