Room Additions

Adding another room to your house is an important step. It could be a room for your newborn child to grow up in.

A Room For The Unborn Child
Add A Guestroom To Your House

A new room for your guests to visit in comfort.

Maybe it is time to build the home office you always wanted.

Your Own Office At Home

No matter what you are adding to your home, you are changing your house and your lifestyle. It is not an easy decision to make such a big change, that’s why Green Sky offers a professional team that will build your new room from scratch, using the best equipment and the best materials, to make sure that you will get exactly what you wanted

We Can Build Your House

When you build an extra room in your house, you never know what issues will come on the way, whether it’s plumbing issues, electrical or structural, we make sure to fix all of them during the process with our high performance professional contractors that will make your remodeling experience as comfortable and pleasant as it could be.

The Process

When adding rooms to your home there is a process that needs to be followed in the state of California:

1. You will need your zoning and property information
2. You will need your design plans drawn up
3. You will need to submit those plans to the building and safety department
4. You then wait for those plans to be approved
5. Once construction is completed you must schedule an inspection
6. When the inspection is complete you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy

Green Sky Home Remodeling can assist you through this entire process. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that as construction professionals we will guide you through each step and complete your home addition.

If you wish to research your zoning and property information yourself you may contact the Department of Construction Services Center. Also to research permit information visit the California State License Board.

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