Living the American dream means having the life you always wanted, and who doesn’t want to have a beautiful swimming pool in his backyard – one where you can either chill in on a sunny day or play with the kids. In Green Sky Home Remodeling we offer to help you get what you always wanted, with a team of experienced professionals that will build a swimming pool customized according to your dreams. Building a new pool or even remodeling your old one can raise some issues during the construction, or even when the work is done, that is why we make sure we use the best materials and equipment to make sure your pool will be perfect by the time we are done and will stay that way for many years.
Our photo gallery and testimonial from former customers can give you a great observation on the process and help you make the right decision that fits you.

Questions and Answers

What Materials Should I Use?

Throughout the years, plastic was the main material for house pools. It is efficient and durable. However, nowadays, there are plenty of other materials you can use to make your pool look different. Our advice is to match the materials to the landscape of your backyard. The main concern is to make the pool complement the house.

What Permits do I Need in Order to Build a Pool?

Most cities will ask for a residential building permit in order to build a pool in your backyard. Some cities can ask for electrical permit. However, when you decide to build your pool, we will take care of all the permits that are required for the work.

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Pool Installation Example

What Maintenance is Required for My Pool?

Now that you have a pool, it requires maintenance in order to stay clean and functioning. The basic maintenance actions you should do in your pool are:

  •  Cleaning it from all the leaves and bugs and everything that is floating in it. Getting a pool cover can prevent from falling objects and improves the energy efficiency of the pool.
  •  You should also vacuum your pool to make sure the water are clean.
  •  Next step is to adjust the chemicals in the pool. If your pH level is above 7.6 use muriatic acid or use soda ash if it’s below 7.4. If your chlorine levels are below 1 part ppm or the alkalinity is below 90 ppm, dissolve baking soda in a bucket with water and pour it into the pool.
  •  Another Important task is to clean the filters. Usually the all the dirt from the pool will be washed into the filters. Make sure you clean the filters so they would work properly.

Is it worth it?

Having a pool can be very expensive. Your homeowners’ insurance will grow, your water bills and we can’t hide from the fact that california is in drought. However, building your pool the right way, and according to the city and the state’s requirements, you can substantially reduce the bills on your pool. Renovating your old pool to be energy efficient is a great way to reduce your payments.

Not only are swimming pools fun, but according to The National Association of Realtors you may be able to increase the value of your home by about 5%!

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“My home used to be a completely unorganized place before. Green Sky has done a stupendous work; it enabled and taught me how to keep things organized at home. By providing such layout, design and finishing to the construction work, I now feel more peace and energized in entering my house.”

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