Living in California means that your backyard is a crucial part of your everyday life. The sun is shining almost every day of the year which makes sitting outside practically an everyday thing. Having a Patio in your house gives you the opportunity to enjoy a sunny day in the shade and adds a beautiful touch to your house and your backyard.

Patio Covers
Closed Patio

Using the best materials, Green Sky offers to build you a little piece of your own heaven where you can have picnics, BBQ, or just have nice family moments outside. Our team will offer you variety of roofing options and appliances. We also offer beautiful enclosed patios with a choice of your flooring and windows using high quality supplies to make sure your patio stays perfect throughout the years.

We value your opinion the most, after all, it is your patio that we are building, that’s why we offer full front communication during the process to make sure that you will get the perfect patio for you.

Questions and Answers

Who Will Be Using the Patio?

One of the main things you should decide before building a patio is what is the patio purpose? Are you planning on having large groups of people in the patio or is it mainly for you and your family? This questions can help you figure out the best location for your patio, the perfect size, and the patio decoration that will fit your needs.

Should I use Wood or Composite Materials?

Although the traditional patios tend to use wood for decking, in the last few years contractors started using composite for patios. There are pros and cons for both types. Wood is more beautiful and often cheaper, but has high maintenance. Composite is more durable but more expansive. Make sure you consider all the pros and cons before you decide.

Do I Want a Deck or a Patio?

First let’s distinguish between the two. Decks are raised platforms while patios are on ground. Before you decide which one you prefer, take a look at your backyard and try to figure out which one will fit the best. If you have a small yard, a patio will fit better. If your landscape has sloping, building a patio would cost more so you should probably consider a deck.

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