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Your outdoor living space should be the pride of your home. This is the first thing your guests see as they grace your front door, and something to admire when gathering in the back yard for a cookout, or a nice relaxing evening. Let Green Sky help design, build, and maintain the landscape of your dreams today!

Questions to Consider When Designing Your Landscape

How Will I Be Using Your Outdoor Living Space?

This is an important question to ask because it will greatly affect your landscape design. Do you like to grill out and entertain guests all the time, or is your outdoor living space meant as a quiet space to relax?

What Challenges Does My Site Present?

If your property is full of rocks, mostly covered in shade throughout the day, on a steep hill, or prone to erosion, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck! We can help you design your landscape and find some workaround strategies to turn your nightmare into a dream.

Waterfall In Your Backyard

Should I switch to sustainable landscaping?

There are several benefits to sustainable landscaping in California. According to a study conducted by the City of Santa Monica by building more native and local climate friendly landscapes, the native landscape required 77 percent less water, produced 66 percent less green waste, and costs 68 percent less for maintenance than the traditional garden.

How Much Should I Spend On Landscaping

The general rule is to invest 10% of your homes value into your landscaping. The average rate of return on this investment varies, but if you are planting trees this will add value to your home over time.

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