Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is the main pillar of the house. Rather than a place to only make food, the kitchen has become like a second living room. It is where you sit with your family and catch up with them, where your kids are doing homework and usually it’s the place with most traffic around the house.

Remodeling or renovating the kitchen means improving your everyday life significantly since you spend a lot of time there. It can also improve the house value considerably. Kitchen Remodels are considered as one of the top renovating projects you can do at your house.

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100%+ payback potential!

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Remodeling magazine claims in the Pacific region—which includes  California—kitchen remodels are expected to top 100% payback.

That’s why everything in the kitchen has to be according to your vision. From the cabinets and the shelves to the counters and appliances, every little part of the kitchen can make the difference. Green Sky offers variety of supplies in different shapes and colors to find out what is the best match for you.

Kitchen Remodeling

Average ROI 79.3%.

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According to the national average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is 79.3%.

Remodeling your kitchen is a perfect time to go green, and we can help you do that. Making your kitchen green and energy efficient can help you a lot with your monthly bills since the majority of your appliances are usually in the kitchen.

Questions to Ask When Designing Your Kitchen

What Colors Do I Want in My Kitchen?

Lighter colors can have a major impact on your kitchen. They will make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Dark colors give a warmer look. Adding under cabinet lights can also help with making your kitchen look more inviting.

How do I want to use my kitchen?

When considering your kitchen remodel you should ask yourself if you want your kitchen to be used as a place to entertain guests or if you would prefer to use this space in a more functional way. For example if you prefer to entertain you may want a kitchen island in your design, but if you want to cook and clean you will need a stove-top and sink as well which can affect other work spaces in this room. On the other hand if you prefer privacy while you cook, a smaller kitchen may be the ideal design choice.

Who uses the kitchen?

If you have many members of the household who like to cook then you will want to have enough space to avoid getting in each others way. Also if family dinners are important making sure you design ample room for seating is a must.

Do I eat fresh or frozen foods most often?

If your family consumes mostly frozen foods then you will need a large space for refrigeration in your kitchen. Whereas if you consume mostly fresh things maybe storage is not as important, but space for food preparation and cooking will be.

Do I use counter top appliances?

You should consider placement of counter top appliances in your kitchen design. Do you mind those appliances being out in the open, or would you prefer them have there own spaces? Designing appliance “garages” help keep counter tops free of clutter, and provide a cleaner design.

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Green sky remodeling  did a complete kitchen and paint job for my Sister house excellent job would use them again excellent work and clean up from start to finished.

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