Consider this when getting new wood floors:

Wooden floor is a beautiful addition to the house design. It has so much style and can really change your house appearance. There is no argue about how nice a wooden floor could look in your house, the question is what kind of wood will you choose? Here are a few tips to help you decide which kind of wooden floor will be best suitable for your house.

Dark Wood

Dark Wood Has a Strong Vibe

Dark woods can really mix up the room vibe. They give an antique kind of look to the room and go perfectly with bright color walls and furniture. They fit best in large spaces, since the dark color tends to make the room appear smaller. Although dark wood can be very beautiful it can also show dust and dirt more easily.

Final Decision: Even though dark wood has so much strength and volume to add to your house, it seems like it is only a passing trend and not something that will stick with us for years.

Blonde Wood

Blonde Wood Looks New and Bright

The exact opposite of dark wood. Blonde wood usually comes in form of bamboo flooring, gives the room a look of wider space. Unlike dark wood, lighter woods tend to look good with both dark and light rooms, so you don’t have to switch your furniture or paint the walls to match the floor. Another great thing about this type of wood is that dirt is almost invisible on it so you can clean your floor once a month and no one will even notice.

Final Decision: This floor is here to stay. Once you’ve ‘seen the light’ you will never want to change it again.

Gray Wood

Gray Wood - The Safe Choice

Although most designers thought that the gray trend was something that will fade really fast, the gray color is here to stay. In the past few years we’ve been noticing the gray trend growing continuously and it’s not going anywhere. The gray colors give your house a calming vibe that will fit with everything. The best thing about these colors is that they are not risky at all. Gray would be the safest option when choosing a new floor.

Final Decision: If you’re having a problem with choosing what type of floor will suit you the best, go with gray wood.