We often don’t think about it, but flooring just might be the most used part of our homes. Therefore, your floor must be durable in order to withstand all the traffic, dirt and playful pets as well as stay looking as-new for years to come. Whether it’s hardwood, stone, marble, carpet or ceramic floor, Green Sky professional team will help you to get the right type of floor for you.

Flooring Types
Dark Wood Flooring

Our services include floor removal, repair or new floor installation and our team will make sure that at the end of the process we will achieve excellence. Together we can find the right type of floor for you and get you one step closer to having the house of your dreams.
Our galleries and former customers testimonials can give you a better view on the work we do and help you get closer to your decision.

Questions and Answers

What type of floor is best for my house?

Choosing the right type of floor to your house depends on some factors. Different types of subfloors will fit different type of floorings. Also you need to consider the traffic that the certain room has usually. You should also check if one of your family members is allergic to a certain type of material. Pets are another important variable. House with pets should have a compatible floor that would not get ruined by paws and claws.

What are the most common types of flooring in homes?

There are so many different types of flooring and each of them has its own pros and cons:

  • Hardwood floor is probably the most popular type of floor. It presents beauty and it’s very reliable. However, hardwood floors can cause issues when built in high humidity areas.
  • Ceramic tiles are the best option for waterproof floor. It is the best option for house with pets since it hides the scratches although its major flaw are the grout lines that cause difficulties in cleaning the floor.
  • Laminate floors are probably the cheapest type of floor. It is best suited for high traffic rooms for it is very durable. Laminate floors are the best option for a good look in low budget.
  •  Bamboo flooring is one of the latest additions to the different types of flooring and is probably the greener choice when comparing to other types of flooring. The main concern with bamboo flooring is that it cannot be wet.

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