Keep Your Bathroom Clean

With These Helpful Tips:

Keeping your bathroom clean can be a really tough job. Water that splashes from the sink or the shower can cause mold, the tiles get dirty as time goes by, and even your soap can cause some trouble when you don’t put it in the right place. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you to the best way to keep your bathroom sparky clean so all of your guest will get jealous:

  • Wipe the walls after a shower Although it sounds very natural that the tiles in the shower will get wet, it can actually grow mold. Make sure that after you take a shower you wipe the walls to prevent mold growing.
  • Change your shower curtains Another place that tends to grow mold is your shower curtains. Make sure you change them every once in awhile to keep the mold out of your bathroom.
  • Try to leave the shower as empty as you can- Everything that you leave inside the shower is another target for mold. Make sure you leave out everything that is not absolutely essential in the shower.
  • Wash the tiles with hot water- when you clean the floor tiles or the shower tiles, make sure you use hot water so all of the dirt and stains will be cleaned.
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  • Keep your counters empty While it is quite useful to leave all of your everyday items on the bathroom’s counter, it can be really messy. Keep all of your everyday used items in a basket or in a drawer to make your bathroom cleaner.
  • Put bars of soap in a special container Bar of soaps tend to really mess up your sink. Make sure you don’t leave them in the sink but in a separate container.
  • Don’t leave the bathroom’s door closed- Even though it seems more polite to leave the bathroom’s door closed at all time, it can cause major mold problems. Keep your bathroom ventilated at all time. Use the fan (that usually turns on with the light) for a short time after you take a shower.