Choosing the right shower head for yourself can really change your shower experience. Finding the one that gives you the variety of jets that suits you, with the right pressure can cause your shower time to grow significantly. Add to that the different attributes that each shower head provides like speakers or lights, the task of choosing the right one starts to be really difficult. We’ve gathered the best shower heads of 2016 in one list so you could find the right one for you.

A-Flow ™ 2 Function-

This large showerhead will give you a soothing shower experience with his 2 functions- waterfall and waterspray. A real catch for people who enjoy spending time in the shower under the water and don’t want to spend too much on their showerhead.

Massaging Shower Head

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Listen To The Music

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What a great combination between shower and music. This water-saving shower head will give the best shower experience for people who like to tune in to music in their private time. Its bluetooth speaker can connect to any device and make sure you are having a good time while showering.


What gives a luxurious look better than a square shower head? This one doesn’t just look amazing, but also feels great. It’s a rain style shower head that you can depend on.

Thinking Outside The Square

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360° Rotation

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Speakman S-2252-

With its patented 360° rotation technology, and its amazing high pressure jets, this shower head really takes showers to a whole other level. The right choice for people who likes strong streams of water in their shower.


What’s better than a luxurious shower head that gives you a spa-like experience every time you use it? Two luxurious shower heads! A real treat for people who enjoy their time in the shower.

Double The Power Double The Fun

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Best Shower Head In The Market

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Moen Velocity-

Probably the best rain style shower head in the market. This is a great shower head that gives you two functions- rain rinse or self-pressurizing spray that will give you great concentrated stream. Perfection has its price, since this shower head tends to be pricey.